Frequently Asked Question

Who should attend the Clinic?

Church Leaders/Senior Pastors
The Pastor's leadership in EE is crucial. Experience has proven that Pastors need to be involved to ensure a growing EE ministry.

Church workers/Lay Leaders
Whenever possible at least one or wo members of the church staff and or Lay Leaders should attend the clinic with the pastor. Prior traning in a local sixteen-week semester is beneficial for Lay Leaders but not required.

How do I get the Training?

If you are a Pastor, Missionary, Denominational Leader, or a Lay Leader fo your church and initerested in attending a clinic, we suggest that you do the following:
a. Check the clinic schedule
b. Call the EE office for further information on the clinic of your choice
c. Call of viist the clinic base and request an application form
d. Fill our an application form and submit it to the clinic base
note: You will be notified through letter upon approval of your application.
You will also receive Outline #1 as your initial material

e. A pre-registration fee of P500.00 is required with the balance payable on the first day of the clinic.

What happens at a Clinic?

You EE clinic experience will give you a ROLE MODEL for your own sixteen week training semester at your local church. Through the involvement of the host congregation that has a vibrant EE ministry, you will see firsthand how to establish an EE training ministry in your local church.

You will receive the teaching notes, level one Training Notebook used by the trainees, a copy of EE textbook Evangelism Explosion by Dr. D. James Kennedy, and copy of other supplemental booklets and materials. Meals are provided. Housing is also provided for provincial delegates and on per request basis.